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Lawrence Krauss is visiting professor at New College of the Humanities. Krauss' final lecture of his 2013/2014 lecture series he takes NCH students to the frontiers of their existence. If you would like to benefit from the opportunity to be taught at a prestigious location in London, with professors of this calibre, or to attend one of our open lectures, you can find out more here.

Following a summary of his previous lectures where Krauss emphasizes the value of the tools of a scientist he presented to our students, Krauss discusses the puzzling discovery that velocity remains constant even at the edge of our galaxy, and the profound implication that Newton's laws must break down in order to accommodate this fact. Krauss then moves from demonstrating how we can weigh the universe, to finding out the curvature of the universe and the its total energy. We are then guided through the exciting implications of conclusions drawn from these calculations. One of these could be realisation of Krauss' depressing prediction of our miserable future.

Professor Lawrence Krauss - Our Miserable Future
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